Welcome to Troop 227's website!  Our Scouts (ages 11-17) are from Shrewsbury, Boylston and Worcester, MA.  We are celebrating our 36th year - our sponsor since 1984 is St. Anne's Parish in Shrewsbury.  We meet in the Father Smith Center (Parish Hall) on Wednesday evenings year-round from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Our unit is active all 12 months of the year.  We have an outdoor activity or campout once a month and Summer Camp is a full week of merit badge work and activities in July or early August each year.  Our senior youth leaders participate in National Youth Leader Training.  Please feel free to stop by and visit us.

Troop Meeting- Wednesday March 6th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Posted on Mar 4 2024 - 12:25am

There will be a Troop meeting on Wednesday, March 6th. The topic of discussion will be a talk on Citizenship in the Community. This is the first meeting of the several parts of this Eagle required merit badge. We will also working on promotional material for the Pancake Breakfast.

Summer Camp at TSVR-June 30th to July 6th

Posted on Mar 4 2024 - 12:24am

TVSR Summer Camp has been kicked off. The theme this year is the Olympic games. As it stands the cost for the week will be $550. We are hoping that we can raise funds to defer some of the cost. TSVR does offer consideration for financial aid, however an application will need to be filled out by April 1st. TSVR will send their decision results by April 15th. We are asking that we make payments in two parts. The first deposit will be due 4/10 and the second no later than April 17th. If a Scout family is in need of an extension or need to make payment arrangements, please feel free to speak with the Scoutmaster.  It is time to start planning for the Merit badges that Scouts would like to earn and to get started with filling out the Medical Forms. 

Pancake Ticket Promotion after Masses weekends through March

Posted on Mar 4 2024 - 12:23am

This upcoming weekend in March will be the first weekend that we will start selling Pancake Breakfast tickets after the Masses. Please try and attend a session to promote sales.  At this weeks troop meeting each Scout will be asked to try and start selling tickets to friends, family and neighbors. The more tickets we can do ahead of time, the better our event will be. If Scouts families are willing to locate sponsors for a square on the placemat for a $20 donation please see Mr. Fox for more details. More information to come on this at the Troop meeting.

Troop Meeting- Wednesday March 13th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Posted on Mar 4 2024 - 12:22am

There will be a Troop meeting on Wednesday, March 13th. The meeting will be at Town Hall from 7PM to 8PM. We will be attending a School Committee meeting as the second part of the Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge. Please be sure to dress in your class A to attend the meeting.

Committee Meeting, Wednesday March 20th at 7:00 PM

Posted on Feb 28 2024 - 5:19pm

There will be a Committee meeting on Wednesday, March 20th.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend. We will be discussing Summer Camp, Pancake Breakfast and other upcoming events. The meeting is held downstairs and starts after flags at 7pm.

Troop Meeting- Wednesday February 28th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Posted on Feb 25 2024 - 10:04pm

There will be a Troop meeting on Wednesday, February 28th. The topic of discussion will be on Citizenship in the Society. This is the first of a several part Eagle required Merit badge being offered this month. Please make an effort to attend each meeting to get credit for this badge. We will have town selectman visiting with us and then also a field trip to a School Committee meeting. It is really generous that it is being offered during a Troop since it is an Eagle required badge that all Scouts need on the path to Eagle. There may be a quick PLC discussion this week as well.

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